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            • Category Name: 10.Turret Punching Machine
            • product name: CNC Turret Punching Machine AMD357

            • Detail:Brief Introduction1.Specifications2.Machine Feature3.Main Imported Components List       4. Environment Conditions for the Machine1.Power: 380V ± 10%, 50HZ2.Temperature: 5 - 40℃ (for machine operation)3.Relative Humidity: 20 – 80%RH4.Keep t...
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            • product name: CNC Turret Punching Machine MP10-30 (4-AXIS)

            • Detail:Brief Introduction1.Specifications1. Nominal force KN 3002. Work piece size mm 1250×25003.Max work piece weight Kg 1564. Max work piece thickness mm 6.355. Max punch diameter mm Ф88.96. Number of stations 327.Working accuracy mm ±0.18.Max....
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            • product name: T30(1250×2500) FANUC CNC Turret Punching Machine

            • Detail:1.Specifications1. Nominal force KN 3002. Workpiece size mm 1250×25003.Max workpiece weight Kg 1564. Max workpiece thickness mm 6.355. Max punch diameter mm Ф88.96. Number of stations 307.Working accuracy mm ±0.18.Max. hit speed HPM 6009...
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