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            • Category Name: 2.Shearing Machine
            • product name: QC11 Y Series Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

            • Detail:1. The whole steel-welded structure, vibrating treatment to eliminate the internal stress, highrigidity and good reliability.2. Integrated hydraulic transmission system, good reliability.3. Pinch roll, Triple support rolling guide rail to e...
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            • product name: Hydraulic CNC Shearing Machine

            • Detail:Feature1. Possessing a speed blades gap adjusting device, permit to adjust the blades gap. Blade clearance adjustment with signs indicating light, rapid adjustment.2. Concise hydraulic control, enhancing highly the reliability. Work area by...
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            • product name: Hydraulic NC E21S Shearing Machine

            • Detail:1.Parameter Hydraulic Shearing Machine QC12Y-10X3200NO.NAMENUMBERUNITREMARK1Shearing Thickness10mm 2Shearing Width3200mm 3Sheared Bard Srength≤450N/mm2 4Shearing Angle1.5° 5Backgauge Rang20-600mm 6Number of Stroke8Min-1 7 MotorSpecificatio...
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            • product name: Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing machine QC12Y

            • Detail:Main Features:Frame welded, vibration to eliminate stress, high in rigidity, sturdy and durable. Hydraulic drive, swing beam, return of knife beam is smooth and prompt by accumulator or nitrogen, stead & reliable perform;Blade clearance adj...
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