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            • Category Name: 13.Section Bending Machine
            • product name: W24S-6 Profile bending machine

            • Detail:General informationIt is W24S-6 model, with hydraulic device. It can be used to roll "U" "O" and spiral shapes. We set advanced PLC, movable operation table, and Siemens Electrical (380V/50HZ/3PH). With 3 sets pipe bending models.Main tech...
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            • product name: W24S-75 Section Bending Machine

            • Detail:Major Parameters:TypeParameter W24S-75 Max bending resistance of section modulus Cm3 75Rolling speed m/min 5Yield limit MPa ≦245Angle iron in-turn Max section of angle iron120×120×10Mini rolling dia: mm2000Mini section of angle iron38×30×...
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            • product name: W24S-180 Section Bending Machine

            • Detail:1. Perfectly complete pre-bending, rolled-up, roll calibrate.2. Working principle: two down rollers as main driving roller, or all three rollers as main driving roller; with upper roller fixed and two down rollers do up-and-down movement ar...
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