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            • Category Name: 9.Pipe Bending Machine
            • product name: DW38 CNC Pipe Tube rolling bending machine

            • Detail:Technological parameter.ItemName UnitDataremark1Max bending capacityRound pipe mmΦ38×2tBending the samples as your drawings is single 1 step, we provide 3 samples , but shipping freight is freight collectedSolid Round barΦ22Square pipeΦ...
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            • product name: DW50 NC Pipe Bending Machine

            • Detail:ToolingPackingⅢ Technological dataItem NameUnitDataRemark1Max bending capacitymmΦ50 X 3mm 2Max bending radiusmm350Can according to customer’s requirement3.Min bending radiusmmDepend on diameter 4Standard Mandrel Lengthmm2200mmCan acco...
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            • product name: DW63 NC Pipe Bending Machine

            • Detail:Technological dataItemNameUnitDataRemark1Max bending capacitymmΦ63X4mmFor carbon steel.2Max bending radiusmm350Can according to customer’srequirement3.Min bending radiusmmDepend on pipe diameter 4Standard Mandrel Lengthmm2600Can accordin...
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            • product name: DW75 CNC Pipe Tube Bending Machine

            • Detail:Technological dataItemNameUnitDataRemark1Max bending capacitymmOrdinary SteelΦ75×3t Stainless steelΦ70×3tSquare steel50.8 X 50.8 x 22Max bending radiusBending radius by windingRound pipe mm 1.5 x OD – 5 X ODCan according to customer’s...
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            • product name: DW168 NC Pipe Tube Bending Machine

            • Detail:ItemNameUnitDataRemark1Max bending capacitymmΦ168 x 14tAlso can bend 170 x 5.30mm2Bending TorqueN.M15000 4Max bending radiusmm750mmCan according to your requirement5Min bending radiusmmDepend on the tube diameter 5Max feeding lengthmm5000m...
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