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          • product name: CNC Turret Punching Machine AMD357
          • Product number:5

            Brief Introduction

            2.Machine Feature
            3.Main Imported Components List       
            4. Environment Conditions for the Machine
            1.Power: 380V ± 10%,50HZ
            2.Temperature: 5 - 40℃ (for machine operation)
            3.Relative Humidity: 20 – 80%RH
            4.Keep this machine away from a strong shock source and electromagnetic source.
            5.Free from harmful and corrosive gas and dust.

            After Sales Service:
            1.Guarantee Installation and Training Service:
            1.Our guarantee time is 5 years from B/L date.  If any component is damaged during guarantee time,we can send the component to the customer by DHL,TNT freely.
            2.Our factory can send our engineer to the customer’s factory install,commission and training freely. The customer provide the double trip tickets,food and accommodation for our engineer. The customer also can send the engineer to our factory to learn the operation and maintains freely.
            3.Our factory provide the service for the customer forever,if the customer need operation help,can contact us by Skype,Email ,Telephone,Whatsapp and Wechat at any time,we provide 24 hours on-line service.


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            Shanghai HUANTU Technical Industry Co., Ltd.

            Address: No. 1187, Aksu Road,
            Jiading New City, Shanghai
            Contact: Miss He
            Tel: 021-33779007
            Fax: 021-33510290
            Post Code: 201800