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          South American Customers Business Cooperation

          Writer:Huantu MachineryDate:2017-08-09 00:00

          Welcome our South American Customers and Friends from Guatemala visit our factory. We sign the long term coopeartion agreement and contract during the visting.  We set up long term business relationship for future cooperation.  We have been exported many machines to South American countries, like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Belize, Dominica, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and so on.  All our customers are very satisfied about our machine quality and service.





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          Shanghai HUANTU Technical Industry Co., Ltd.

          Address: No. 1187, Aksu Road,
          Jiading New City, Shanghai
          Contact: Miss He
          Tel: 021-33779007
          Fax: 021-33510290
          Post Code: 201800

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