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          Human Resources
          Recruitment project manager release time 2017-02-23
          Interview address Shanghai Jiading New City Aksu Road 1187 contact number 021-33779007
          Qualifications: 1, 5 years of construction site construction management experience, there are plastic wood or wood structure material construction management experience is preferred.
          2, with good project management capabilities and quality system of professional knowledge.
          3, familiar with the construction site management in the process and the completion of the acceptance of the relevant information production and inspection.
          4, skilled engineering drawings, and can be drawn according to the installation process node diagram.
          5, with a strong sense of responsibility, good social relations and organization, coordination, communication skills, can be hard-working.
          6, there is a certain capacity of wood structure engineering design.
          Job Responsibilities 1, to assist the implementation of the relevant policies and systems to ensure the smooth completion of the project.
          2, responsible for the Division I related materials construction site involved in the daily management and safety supervision.
          3, coordination, organization to solve all the problems occurred in the construction site.
          4, responsible for the construction site management personnel, materials, safety and access and quality supervision and acceptance.
          5, responsible for the project with the relevant departments of communication and coordination and project settlement work.
          6, responsible for collecting and organizing, save the daily construction information and technical raw materials. The



          Shanghai HUANTU Technical Industry Co., Ltd.

          Address: No. 1187, Aksu Road,
          Jiading New City, Shanghai
          Contact: Miss He
          Tel: 021-33779007
          Fax: 021-33510290
          Post Code: 201800

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