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          Company Honor

          For a long time to strengthen our own innovation capacity, at the same time adhere to the "production and learning" line and technological innovation. We have established a good cooperative relationship with a number of projects, to overcome a number of scientific and technological problems, has made a number of achievements, and enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation. We won the national government agencies, the government's highly praised and the company's praise, our company has achieved ISO9001: 2008, SGS, CE, SONCAP certification. Strain global product technology updates, we have been innovative and research and development, access to a number of national patent certificates, as well as high-tech enterprise awards.




          Shanghai HUANTU Technical Industry Co., Ltd.

          Address: No. 1187, Aksu Road,
          Jiading New City, Shanghai
          Contact: Miss He
          Tel: 021-33779007
          Fax: 021-33510290
          Post Code: 201800

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